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A popular toymaker’s website is giving visitors ransomware

Ransomware, a type of malware that holds your computer hostage until you pay a certain amount of money, seems to be getting more popular since it sprouted up in large-scale form in 2013.

The website of Maisto International, a toymaker that primarily sells model vehicles and remote control vehicles, is playing host to some ransomware, Malwarebytes wrote Thursday.

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CryptXXX ransomware being served by toy company site

Malwarebytes Senior Security Researcher Jerome Segura confirmed that the site was serving up the Bedep version of the Angler exploit kit and installing the recently discovered CryptXXX ransomware. CryptXXX was discovered by Proofpoint researchers in mid April.

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How Poor Communication Can Cost A Business $52,140.60

Cyber criminals are smart. So smart that one of the top security CEOs in Silicon Valley almost fell victim himself.

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Pirate Bay users hit with ransomware via dodgy ads

Pirate Bay users have been attacked by scoundrels using malware and spiked advertising to launch ransomware attacks just as Game of Thrones has returned and traffic is presumably up.

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Fake Social Button Plug-in Redirects To Exploit Kit, Warns Malwarebytes

Security specialist Malwarebytes has warned of fake social button plug-ins on compromised websites, that is redirecting users to the damaging Angler exploit kit.

The vendor said it has come across several instances of the fake social button plug-in on hacked websites that utilise the Joomla and WordPress content management systems (CMS).


Malwarebytes CEO wants to ‘reinvent security’

The CEO of Malwarebytes has told CRN that he wants to “reinvent” security by being to end-point security what the iStore is to an iPhone.

The anti-malware vendor recently scored $50m (£35m) in funding, just eight years after it was founded by Polish-born entrepreneur Marcin Klecyznski when he was 18.

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419 phishing scam promises BMW, $1.5 million and an Apple laptop

Cybercriminals are offering the “winners” of one 419 phishing scam a 2016 BMW X6M, a $1.5 million check and an Apple laptop in exchange for personal identifiable information (PII).


How to unlock files encrypted by Petya ransomware for free

In one of the latest phishing campaigns to hit the media, the Maktub Locker ransomware has been recently distributed to victims through clever social engineering techniques. Described as “beautiful and dangerous” by Malwarebytes, the malware does not need an Internet connection to begin its work.


Nuclear Exploit Kit Uses Tor to Download Payload

Researchers have spotted several improvements and new techniques in Nuclear EK operations over the past months. In October 2015, Morphisec reported that the exploit kit had been generating Flash Player exploits on the fly. More recently, anti-malware firm Malwarebytes spotted an attack in which the exploit kit gate used a fake CloudFlare DDoS check page to redirect victims.


Deconstructing IT Support Scammers That Use LinkedIn

These kinds of scams generally use social engineering methods to gain your trust and one of the most common ways this is done is through setting up a fake presence on LinkedIn. Security vendor Malwarebytes recently looked into this by analysing a LinkedIn profile of a known scammer.